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Francesca Gregori

Francesca Gregori
I’m a photographer and an artist and I live in Trento, Italy.

I have been working as a professional photographer since 2007. My main field is still life photography  (mainly of wine bottles, boxes, food, flowers) and hotel photography.

In 2009 I began to explore photography as a means of artistic expressionmy research was crowned in 2011-2012 with a first personal exhibition in four steps, to which I gave the title of “Forme in Luce”.That same year I presented an installation and exhibited some of my works in a collective show at Ca’ dei Carraresi, Treviso.
Again in 2011 one of my photographs was used on the posters and in an abstract for a conference organized by the Trento University Faculty of Sociology.
I am now working on a new exhibition that will take place in 2014, and several other projects.

In 2012 I created my first two brands and started licensing them: “feeling veggie“, a series of images inspired by a kitchen garden vegetables and “Francesca Gregori“, my art photosIn 2013 a new series of images and the related brand joined the previous two: “feeling flowery“, inspired by the beauty and scent of flowers.

It has been four years now that I’m tutor in Photography at the University of Trento.

My philosophy
“We are what we want and are constantly changing.
For this reason the only certainty is what we are feeling at any given time.
Today I consider photography art; it is making intimate contact with the chosen subject, it is a representation of my interpretation of what surrounds me.
Cartier-Bresson used strong, almost violent, terms to describe this state of knowledge; I’m more inclined to use softer tones and I like to talk of rapture of the soul.
This is especially true for portraits. For other things I like to say that photography is pure creation.”

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